Stand up. Stand out.

We are Twelve. A creative agency that makes brands stand out, by helping them stand up for what they believe in.

Our ethos is all about standing up for something. And to do this, you have to be able to stand out. We believe this to be true for us an agency, but also for our clients.
If you don’t have something to say, or a belief that you keep true to, you can’t make the change or impact you want, so you might as well just stand down.

We stand up for transparency.

We stand out by being open in everything we do. With our team, our clients and the other agencies we work with. We don’t believe in shying away. We recognise the good that we have achieved, but also acknowledge the not so good and learn from it.

We stand up for honesty.

We stand out by acknowledging that marketing is not the most important part of a consumer’s life. They’re not waiting for a brands next piece of communication. They are waiting for the next series of their favourite show to come out.  Understanding this helps us to be straightforward in all that we do. We’re honest about our expectations, we’re honest with our clients and most importantly we’re honest with consumers. 

We stand up for collaboration.

We stand out by making meaningful connections that last. We collaborate with each other. There are no invisible walls between departments in our agency. We collaborate with our clients to get to creative ideas that work for them. We collaborate with artists and designers from students to professionals. And we collaborate with our consumers, involving them from start to finish of a campaign.